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CA Foundation Business Economics Full New Course by Kundu Sir

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This course is not available for students from Kolkata.

CA Foundation Business Economics Full New Course by Kundu Sir in 25-30 hours. These Lectures are befitted for Nov 20 & Onward attempts. Study Material will be provided with the course.

Kit Contents 1 Modules & Video Lectures
Lecture Duration 25-30 Hours
Validity Period Till Nov 20
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Batch Recording 2019
  • Google Drive
  • Mobile App
Video Language Hindi & English Mix
Study Material Language English
Doubts Solving Over the Email (
Technical Support
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Topics Covered

Initial Pages/Nature & Scope of Business Economics/Introduction/Basic Problems of an Economy & Role of Price Mechanism/Theory of Demand and Supply/Law of Demand and Elasticity of Demand/Theory of Consumer Behaviour/Supply/Theory of Production and Cost/Theory of Production/Theory of Cost/Meaning and Types of Markets/Meaning and Types of Markets/Determination of Prices/Price Output/ Determination under Different Market Forms/Business Cycles/Glossary/Self-Examination Questions.

Runs on Desktop or Laptop
System Configuration

Desktop/Laptop: Virus Free Laptop or Desktop with Webcam Facility. 2 OS should be Windows 7 and above 3 Minimum 4 GB RAM required. Internet connection is needed during software installation and at the time of password collection in every class. Webcam feature must be active in PC or Laptop. (Disclaimer: Software will permanently block. If face detector found more than one face)

Mobile: 1 Available on Android Mobile phones. (Not available in IOS and Windows).
2 The Android version should be 4.4.4 or above.
3 Internet connection is needed.

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