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Admad Tech is India’s first education e-commerce portal. we are simply changing way to learning. is a unit of ADMAD TECH PRAVITE LIMITED which offers most comprehensive and interactive study material and lectures for Commerce, Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Law, Information Technology Courses, K-12, Professional Certification, Aptitude tests, Competitive Exams study notes, Government Recruitment Exams and Bank Recruitment Exams study material in digital format.

That’s why is offering a common platform for students and teachers in a simple & convenient way. All digital lectures provided by are from best of institutes & faculties at best of prices guaranteed.

As we learn trends in the educational industry are clear: everything is shifting towards e-learning. Traditional teaching are starting to infuse technology into the classroom, and many students are willing to take classes, lectures and courses at home now via e-learning platforms. The concept of e-learning is becoming more popular than ever.

That’s why is serving students & teachers in simple & convenient way. All lectures provided by are very simple and very easy to understand because we only give chances to the best institutes and teachers who have teaching as a passion for them. We hope will become one of the leading and trusted e-learning education brand. All products listed on are 100% genuine, we provide fast & assured delivery services and customer purchase protection with 7 days replacement program. We accept all major national and international debit & credit card payments.